Nakamori – First use

Nakamori has its default settings made to be used out-of-box.

The only scenarios it won’t work out-of-box is:

  1. When you are not using JMMServer on the same machine as Kodi
  2. When you changed the port JMMServer is communicating on (default: 8111)
  3. When you deleted ‘Default’ user
  4. When you are a different user on the same library

If any of first two situation will encounter you will see notification ballon with Error: Connection Failed. This will be also true if all of scenarios are valid because Kodi is unable to verify user existence.

Only if third scenario is valid you will get notification Error: Wrong USER


But this is nothing special, because all of those problems are only because default setting don’t apply to your environment.


Note: For now, Nakamori does not support passwords for JMM users

You will have to configure IP Address, Port and User ID in Nakamori settings.


To enter Nakamori settings please refer to Settings page (#link)