Time to spare?

I wouldn’t believe I would be after so many trials, if someone told me about them 5 years ago.

But here I am. With minimal spare time and many more things on my head even without the things called kids.

But somehow I’m still alive, which is Ok-ish ? right ? Yeah!

Rewriting core code

If you notice that nothing change after version 3.0.9, that’s because the code is getting rewrite. IMO it look a lot nicer – will user benefit ? I think so… in term of back end, not much have moved – but we have our hands (mainly da3dsoul) in code so its not a big deal.

Plans for 2019

Nakamori project is currently waiting for Shoko to move over with all those changes… but 2019 will definitely be a time to make Nakamori full-fledged client. Currently it has some features from client, but this is the plan. Of course there will be MANY (maybe) things we wont be able do the way ShokoDesktop does, but hey it still better alternative for all Big TV users to have control over Shoko with remote control !

Also have a great 2019 and I’m hoping that new year will come with all awesome shows ! .

Another “Soon™”

Another month has passed. Nakamori development have been paused because of limitation that server hit. I will try to finish other project that could benefit Nakamori in any way.

The Language translation project was a semi-success, I was hoping for 2-3 languages more but I know that the community of Nakamori users ain’t that much connected – I don’t mind, I try to reach you guys how much I can – “What’s new” popup, and that is ok.

I don’t want to spy/spam you.

If anyone would like to contribute to translation project here is the link: https://poeditor.com/join/project/vAOV2zSrNK


Shoko is getting very big revamp right now. But after those we will finally be moving with speed of light. When Shoko will be “stable”, soon.

Also I narrow problem with sorting inside Kodi and it looks like this is something way older than I though it is – I made a fix for skin, but Team-Kodi argue that this should be handle inside Kodi core – which is great news, because we want to use as much Kodi functionality in our Addon as possible !

Finally something is moving…

Finally, with ShokoDesktop2 [github.com], btw. what’s with that name O_o, Shoko is moving in right direction. Server few days ago hit magical version which promise many features but not many went into that build. Many people contribute to this project and with all strength in my heart I wish it will still be the best in what it does best – anime collection organization. To be honest the project currently is going thru a little circle with few things but until it’s doing the things it need to its not bad.

Fun fact

There is almost non alternative to ShokoAnime 🙂 if there is ‘alternative’ it end up being a anime list software. ShokoAnime is ambitious project I could compare it to AniDB scale of ambitious, that’s why it is so good.

Kodi and Python3

We still use stable Kodi release that use Python 2.7 (17.x branch) but Im looking forward because there is Kodi 18.x version with Python 3.x integration and Kodi 19.x will ship with Python 3.x. It will be great thing because as much as Kodi does what it should does (do one thing but do it good) it don’t recieve any new updates and unlocking python potential could help with it. Some time ago I started to rewriting Nakamori to support Python3 and it was a success. Any ideas what would you like to see next in Nakamori or Kodi ?