Nakamori 2.x.x

Some of you probably saw that the git repo from some time now have 2.x.x branch and want to figure out what is it for ?

This is branch on which I will focus to improve Nakamori, but the most important staff will be to make it compatible with JMM 3.6+ which soon will hit Beta (i hope).

JMM 3.6 will be great improve in speed and usability. Every good changes always come with those bad ones. There have been a lot and I need to say A LOT of changes in the way JMM API respond which made Nakamori not able to talk with JMM anymore. For some time now I have been invited to official developer group – but for me that didn’t change anything much. I started as freelancer that helped JMM a bit with some minor bug etc, and I devoted my time to create Nakamori. Also now as ‘official’ developer I can help JMM even better and (as I could before) I can rework some API but for now JMM getting so much  code rework often so I’m currently waiting for that situation to settle and probably start tweaking API and Nakamori with JMM3.6.5 or 3.7, not sure – but as fast as possible so Nakamori users wont suffer long without Kodi playing our beloved anime.

Also with help of a great person that started to help out with bug-fixing and improving experience with my project (@da3dsoul), Nakamori is getting better and better.

So I just wanted to say to everyone that I’m very happy about fact that not only my and da3dsoul use Nakamori, and if you ever have any request fell free to contact me via github or discord

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