Shoko getting better and better !

It’s been some time when I could start working with new version of Shoko.

The good news is that Shoko is closer and closer to being able to run on Linux machines. It good to see that someone else care enough to push project in that direction.

To bad it taking so much time as there is more and more added functionality that is only usable in developer version of Shoko.

But still, they doing great job.


You probably notice a little downtime between 12 and 13 November… I’m very sorry about that. It was my fault as the backup script took the left space and web server didn’t have any space left to run stable.

Also as some of you noticed the JMM project is changing name. It will be ‘Shoko’ but I don’t plan to change name of ‘Nakamori’ as the name fits the project perfectly!

Thanks to new API implementation (using NancyFX) that I manage to introduced to Shoko the build from and up use rewritten interface to interact with 1st and 3rd party applications including Nakamori. Currently I’m waiting till Shoko 3.7 hit stable release as then we will be able to update Nakamori to version 2.1 with new and better api implementation. It will support a lot of new features.

Thanks to new API Shoko also will introduce a simple, yet useful webui that will work on all platforms (a semi-cross-compatible introduction, as the server still require win os to run) which you can test now as jmm/shoko github.